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January – Fitness Basket

This year take the initiative and decide to be your best self as a New Year’s resolution. This basket will include the essentials to support your ideal weight living by proving you with tools you need; such as: gym bag, water bottle, fitness challenge, workout shirt or leggings, workout while you work gear, hand grips, headphones, resistance bands, headbands, weights, healthy recipes, and so much more!

February – Stress Relief Spa Basket

Your spa basket is filled with stress relief essentials. Some items could include a relaxing book, essential oils, lavender spray, bath epsom salts and soaks, rose petals, gratitude rocks, amber necklaces to support positive energy, candy, candle, a comfy robe, face masks, a wine glass, stress balls, fidget spinners, and anything methodically chosen for stress relief. Site back and relax, you deserve it! Give yourself a spa day for Valentine's day!

March – Life Maintenance & Preparation Basket

Your own bug out bag filled with emergency supplies for you to leave in your car. Emergency supplies could include: first aid, aspirin, batteries, candles, tools, flashlights, snacks, and so much more when the power is out essentials.This month you will also get a life maintenance reminder checklist, is your car inspected?

April – Financial Basket

Happy tax month! We can all agree that money isn’t everything, but not having it is! Enjoy this basket filled with budget sheets, piggy bank, rollers for your change, receipt binder keeper, a financial management book, and more! This month you will also get penny saver tips.

May – Clean Sweep Basket

Spring cleaning is here! Enjoy this basket filled with essentials to help you clean your house and life up. On top of everything around you being physically clean, you will start the process of clean sweeping your life and taking the first step taking all those weighted items off your shoulder. You will also get a challenge to essentially maintain the clutter in your life.

June – Professional & Career Building Basket

Supporting your professional life by creating you address return labels, personalized business cards, notebooks, pens, stress balls, memory foam back pads for your desk chair, and office supplies to keep you up to date. This month you will be focused on getting your blog and personal website up and running! Also send over your resume and cover letter for some proofreading and tips.

July – Adventure Basket

Some items in your basket could include a mystery adventure, a notebook for tracking & creating your bucket list, adventure/travel essentials, slack-lines, gift cards for an adventure, a list of food and other things to try, and a challenge with the items you need to complete the challenge.

August – Social Life Basket

A date night in a basket for a movie night and dinner plans with your favorite person. Having someone in your life that you can do nothing with is extremely important. Whether is a friend, husband, child or mom. Enjoy one night on us! This month we will make sure you are on all the social networks you want to be on! And stay tuned for you best relationship tips via email.

September – Goal Getter Basket

Making goals are easy, implementing them is hard. BS Basket gives you the tools for the hard part. Some items include, a magnetic to do list for you fridge, chore chart dry erase with marker and eraser, motivational magnets, a motivational book, energy enhancers, and more! Stay updated with the motivational email that is made to keep you going.

October – Wellness & Healthy Living Basket

From cooking supplies to all the healthy recipes you could think of. This basket is filled with everything you need to cook with and items to support any dietary needs. Skip the Halloween candy and dive into this basket!

November – Personal Life & Adulting Basket

Let’s be real, adulting is hard! But we have to do it. This basket is filled with stress relievers such as adult coloring books, funny adulting stickers for you to enjoy, DIY wine and sips, adulting is bullshit coffee mugs with coffee and so much more.

December – Constant Improvement Basket

Never stop learning! I don’t care how old you are, this basket is filled with all those items for you to continue your education. Some items include stylus pens,highlighters, personalized pens, motivational books about constant improvement. Stay tuned for online tutorials!

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  • It's great seeing the self improvement posts I get on ******** each day from Better Self Basket. Really motivating stuff that helps me keep going while trying to start my own business!

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  • Teelah has been super easy to work with and very organized. I'm so thankful for her insight and knowledge!

    Hannah Zeno
  • I'm constantly looking for new ways to say productive and stay ahead of my work tasks, as well as my home items. This book was exactly what I was looking for. If you haven't tried it yet, DO IT. Better Self Basket has changed the way I tackle my everyday to-do. Thanks!

    Angela Welch


The Better Self Basket is designed to give you the tools you need to better yourself personally and professionally every month, everything is bundled in a gift basket. Get started today.

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The monthly self-help basket helps you live happier and healthier life! Designed to give you the tools you need to better yourself personally and professionally every month, everything is bundled in a gift basket and delivered to your door.

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Teelah Hall

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"I will strive to challenge myself, while maintaining personal relationships and experiencing the world around me. I will trust my dreams and be a prisoner of nothing. I will not be bound to the boundaries of safety. I will seek new sources for learning and growth always reaching for the next best thing. I will complete everything that I want to do and not be held up by procrastination. I choose to make a difference in this world. I will be my best possible self every day."

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